Reviews of eating, drinking and retail establishments, local suppliers and contractors

Webbe’s at Rock-a-Nore

July 2013

Pricey fish restaurant that gives the impression that you ought to be grateful to be allowed in (and dogs not welcome, even at the outside tables)! We liked the idea of a selection of ‘tasters’ but gritty mussels (not for the first time) and no bread spoiled the offering. Generally underwhelming, under-seasoned and not particularly generous. We will be forced to try White’s in George Street again to see if it can redeem itself and take the place of favourite ‘posh’ fish place in Hastings.

Sean Kirk Fencing

June 2013

Very skilled, considerate and reasonably-priced. Couldn’t ask for much more.

Neptune Café, Winkle Island

Our regular F&C café and take-away. Lovely Chinese lady keeps up the quality but don’t drink too much or she may give you a ticking-off!

Gurkha Chef

April 2013

Recommended by drinkers at the Stag(ger) Inn, and thereby hangs a tale! Not expensive, hot and plentiful. Mainly tasteless and such taste as there was (sauces in particular) unpleasant. Won’t be going back.

July 2012

Pier 9 at Zanzibar Hotel, Warrior Square

Recommended for a special occasion by Deb & Paul, this lived up to the billing. The décor mixes massive limed elm rustic furniture with SE Asian carving and even an Easter Island head! No cocktails but an acceptable prosecco and an interesting and sensibly-priced wine list.

Starters at £7 and £8 and mains mainly £19 are good value, given the quality of ingredients and skill levels. Huge plates make the food seem just adequate but they were more than this. Flavours are strong and carefully composed, fish perfectly cooked and seasoning good but not overdone. The presentation is fine but not poncy and the menu descriptions do not make one’s toes curl.

Service was friendly but, with just 2 people for the small-ish restaurant (quite busy on a Wednesday) not over-attentive. Happy not to be asked “how everthing is” every 5 minutes!

What would I change? The salted caramel ice-cream failed to impress but might have done if they had managed to incorporate salt crystals. Puts St Clements (as I remember it a year or so ago) in the shade as a quality restaurant to enjoy an or impress.

Café Maroc, High Street, Old Town

You just can’t go wrong here! Tiny establishment with loads of style and food as good as anything I have eaten in Morocco. Starters at £5 and mains at £7-8 make this as light on the wallet as it is full of amazing flavours. Food was piping hot, quick to arrive. Corkage £3 for own wine.

Siam 2 Thai Restaurant, George Street, Old Town, 01424 457828

An evening-only venue (not Tuesdays but one of the few open on a Monday) that is so much better than its name. It was quiet on the Thursday before Christmas but the food could hardly have been better. A relatively short Thai menu offers quite enough choice for most and we were very happy with the quality of everything. Fish was outstanding, everything very fresh-tasting and quite spicy, at our request. Portions are generous and house white very pleasant. Everything is plainly cooked to order, so be prepared for a short wait, in very clean and pleasant surroundings.

Two courses each was fine for us and the bill did not break the bank. We’ll be back!

Hills & Pollington, building contractors

They haven’t done any work for us but have parked their van right outside out house every weekday for 4 months now. Their guys seem to spend an inordinate time in the cab – smoking, reading the Sun and drinking tea and today, when I checked, their parking waiver had expired. A telephone call to their office did not meet with a civil response!

Wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.